Match Card Procedure – 2021 CCJSA Soccer Season

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The HOME team is responsible for posting the referees cards to: 
CCJSA Results Recorder” PO. BOX 219, Bunbury, 6231

CCJSA Match Card1s

Any disputes over the match results entered into “TG Sports” should be emailed to: 
Vicki Glen email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Match cards must be correctly filled out for ALL games from Under 11 through to Under 17.
  2. Goal nets and corner flags must be in place prior to the start of these games.
  3. A qualified referee should be assigned to these games.
  4. Two (2) linesmen are required for these games.

Coaches - Prior to the match

  1. Keep the 3 layers of the match card together.
  2. Fill out all front sections of the card. (Make sure the players names are legible on the carbon copies.)
  3. PRINT the name and shirt number of all the players you expect to turn up.
  4. You may not add any players to the card once the game has commenced.
  5. Give the complete match card to the referee approximately 10 minutes prior to kick off.
  6. Do not detach any white or pink copies yet and do not sign.CCJSA Match Card2s

Coaches - After the match

  1. Meet with the referee, confirm the score and then sign both match cards.
  2. The referee will give you the relevant fully signed pink copies for your own records.
  3. The referee will retain the official match card copies (white and yellow copies).

NOTE: The match scores should be entered into “TG Sports” at the latest by the Sunday evening following the Saturday match day.

A representative or coach from either Club can enter the match result for BOTH teams, provided they have the fully signed pink match card sheets showing the details.

If the player details are visible on the website, then also enter the goal scorers. (Disregard this if the match day players list is not shown in the “TG Sports” website.)

If the results are not entered into “TG Sports” and the official match cards not received by the Results Recorder within 14 days, the result will be entered as a 0 – 0 draw.

No Fairest and Best points can be awarded, if the official match card is not received by the CCJSA Results Recorder.

Referee Actions

CCJSA Match Card3s

Keep the 3 layers of the match card together. (Only separate them once the game is finished and the match details have been inserted and the coaches have signed them.)

Check that names are legible on the official copies (white & yellow) prior to starting the game.

Blatant own goals should be marked as “Own Goal” at the bottom of the match card, otherwise allocate the goal to the opposition player who last touched the ball.

Fill in the complete score and scorers at HALF time.

Fill in the complete score and scorers at FULL time.

Have the match cards now signed by BOTH coaches.

Each coach receives his own PINK copy.

Referee keeps both white copies.

CCJSA Match Card4s

ALLOCATE - three (3) Fairest and Best players on the MATCH CARD.
These players can be from EITHER team. Do NOT choose six (6) players.

Note any cautions / send-offs / unmarked pitches and enter any comments relating to these items.

If there is an injury that will probably require medical treatment, then a note should be made on the back of the official match card.

Note the player’s name and shirt number, the type of injury received, if an ambulance was called to the pitch etc.

Referees should ensure that BOTH completed official match cards are supplied to a HOME team representative, who will either confirm or enter the results into “TG Sports”, before posting them to the CCJSA Results Recorder.