Bad Weather Policy


PO BOX 219, Bunbury WA   6231 
Administration Officer – Vicki Glen


All clubs must adhere to and follow the guidelines below, to ensure no club is inconvenienced.lightning

If there is lightning in the immediate vicinity, i.e. lightning followed immediately by thunder, indicating that the lightning is within approx 1km of the playing fields, it is deemed to be a risk to the players and is reason to call a game off.
Small Sided Games U6- U11:
Team Leaders and Coaches can make a mutual determination to cancel a fixtured game if the pitch is deemed unplayable or the weather conditions are unsafe, ie there are lightning strikes in the area, PRIOR to the game ONLY on the proviso that both teams and ALL participants can be notified at least one hour prior to the game.   If insufficient time is available to contact all participants then the team leaders and or coaches can make a mutual decision to call the game off once all players are present and can be notified accordingly.  These cancelled games are not to be re-fixtured.
FIFA  - U12- U17:   
If after consultation between the two opposing coaches and the referee, it is agreed weather conditions are unsafe or have rendered the pitch unsafe and it poses a threat to the player’s safety, or there is lightning in the area that could pose a threat to player safety, they can officially call the game off.  In the case of bad weather this can only be done on the day the game is fixtured. If the pitch is unsafe due to recent bad weather, it can be decided as soon as this is known, with arrangements made for the game to be rescheduled.  
The fixtured game may be postponed for a period no longer than two weeks with the game to be replayed at a mutually acceptable venue and time, however all reasonable steps should be taken to try and replay the game as per the original fixture.  Should the game not be replayed within the two weeks both teams will be awarded a draw and one premiership point allocated to each team.  Should the game be rescheduled and one team fails to show up, it will be deemed a forfeit and the other team will be awarded the win and 3 premiership points awarded to them.

If a game is in play and is subsequently affected by weather conditions that render it unsafe to continue, and  

a. time HAS NOT passed one half of the game plus 5 minutes – the game can be rescheduled if either side wants this. If both agree to keep score as it is, they can.  

b. time HAS passed one half of the game plus 5 minutes - the score line at the time the game is called off will be the final score line. Points will be awarded accordingly. The game referee is to note the reason the game has been called off on the reverse of the score card, note whether or not it will need to be replayed and note the finish time and final score on the match card.