FIFA Game Day Guide - 2020

  • Please ensure you are ready to kick off as per the time stated in the fixtures. If the game starts late, referees can and will reduce the playing time of your game to ensure that the next one starts on time.
  • If you are the last team to play it is your responsibility to take down the goal nets, posts etc and return them to the equipment shed.
  • Coaches must follow the correct guidelines for substitutions.
  • Coaches must stay within the pre designated coaches area. 8 meters either side of the centre/midway line.
  • Coaches should not take on the roll of linesman.
  • A Coach or Team Manger is required to sight and confirm the final score with the Referee. Match details are input to Sporting Pulse by either the home or the away team.

The Club endorses 4 Codes of Conduct. The Codes relate to Players, Spectators, Coaches and Parents. Coaches and Team Managers can now view the Codes of Conduct on our website. Please encourage your players and their parents to read them.

The Club asks players from both Dynamos Junior and Senior Club to referee matches. Referees are asked to report any problems or incidents to the Committee. Where a Parent, Player or Spectator is acting contrary to the codes of conduct please remind them where the club displays these documents.

The Club acknowledges and thanks all those who have conducted themselves within these guidelines.
Any Coach, Team Manager or team requiring advice or assistance in any form should not hesitate to contact the Club for support.
Dynamos would like to thank all FIFA Coaches and Team Managers for their ongoing commitment and support to their players and club. Your efforts are appreciated.
Chris Kinkella
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