Administrative Guidelines


Provide a guide for team selection and player placement during the club registration period.

The Registrar is the authorised delegate of the club with responsibility to create/delete teams and place players within those teams for the current playing year.

The over-riding principle for player placement will be for players to be registered in their age group.

The following guidelines shall be applied by the Registrar using the knowledge the Club has of each player, team dynamics, Club ethos and Country Coastal Junior Soccer Association requirements.

The club believes it is important to acknowledge that players, peer groups of players and parents, will self-select into friendship/social groups. This is an important principle underlying our community base.

The Registrar will use his/her authority to create teams and place players using the following guidelines:

1. Organise teams that meet the best outcomes for the club.

2. Place players in teams that will meet the best outcomes for the club and its priorities. Club priorities include, but are not be limited to, participation in soccer, filling teams, team performance, supporting parents with siblings in the club, player development, player safety, supporting team coaches and supporting team managers.

3. Age – each player shall be registered to play their age group. All options to place players in their age group will be used before playing a player up in another age group. i.e. The Registrar will direct players into their age group first, before considering any request to play them in a higher age group.

4. A younger player - shall not dislodge a player playing in their correct age group.

5. Where there are several younger players with an option to play up an age group, any substantially older player shall have priority. For instance, in the case of a fourteen year old and a thirteen year old with an option to play Under 16s, the fourteen year old would take priority. Where no player is substantially older the Registrar shall use other criteria with placement of players.

6. Late registration – a player with late/latest registration will be relocated first. (Late registration is a registration taken after the published registration cut off date).

7. Registrar will not allow a team to be over subscribed if another side of the same age group does not have a full subscription of players unless there is adequate justification. Eg Players who can only play intermittently due to other commitments, players on extended holiday during season.

8. Whenever the Registrar is placing Rooball-age players, the preference of existing Dynamos players, or those that played the previous season, shall take precedence over the preference of a player transferring from another club.

9. Whenever the Registrar is placing FIFA-age players he/she will seek to maximise the performance of each team and participation in junior soccer.

10. Other criteria the Registrar shall consider include:

• Players with previous documented history of disciplinary issues;

• Players with outstanding fees from previous years; and

• CCJSA rules. For instance, Girls are permitted to play in mixed football one age below their correct age group.

Subject to the above guidelines, teams will remain together from the previous year unless:

a) It becomes improbable that all teams from the previous year have the numbers to continue.

b) The club seeks to maximise the performance of each team in different divisions. NB The CCJSA only permits one team from each club to be nominated to play in the 1st (Blue) Division for each FIFA age group.

Parents with concerns regarding the rearrangement of teams will be advised by Club officials that arbitrary allotment of players from different age groups in a team affects teams from age groups above and below it.

In the event of teams being reformed due to poor player turn out, the Registrar will use his/her discretion to form teams that are competitive across affected age groups.

Dispute Process

The decision of the Registrar is final. However, if the Registrar chooses to have their decision reviewed it shall be by the following process.

Step 1 - Full particulars of the dispute shall be lodged with the President of the club for review and advice,

Step 2 - Full particulars of the dispute shall be lodged to a properly formed meeting of the BDJSC Committee for review and advice,

Step 3 - Full particulars of the dispute shall be lodged for discussion to an expert body for review and advice. The body shall comprise:

• An independent official of the Country Coastal Junior Soccer Association

• The Registrar

• The President of BDJSC

• The aggrieved party or their representative

The Registrar may complete the Dispute Process at any Step if he/she is satisfied with the guidance or advice given. The Registrar is not obliged by any Club requirement or regulation to use the Dispute Process if, in his/her judgement it is not warranted.