To recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals and teams representing and supporting Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club. To create and strengthen club tradition and develop community pride. To maintain of Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club’s vision and values.


Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club should maintain an Honour Board(s) for the following:

1. Honorary Life Members

2. League Champions

3. Presidents

4. State Representatives

5. 10 years Coach

6. 5 years Coach

7. Club Person


Nominations must be approved by a clear majority of a properly constituted meeting of the Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Committee.

Apart from Presidents it is recommended that nominations be subject to review for all categories and not automatically awarded. For instance, a 5 years Coach with an unsatisfactory record should not be automatically nominated without the review and endorsement of the incumbent Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Committee. Recognition on the Honour Board is intended to reflect honour upon the Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club as well as upon the individual.

Although awareness of the Honour Board will be encouraged the club will not solicit nominations. For instance, a Club Person may not be nominated each year.

See "Honours - Life Membership" and "Honours - Club Person" for procedures for selecting honour recipients.