Policy Statement

1. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club is committed to providing a sport and work environment free of harassment, where individuals are treated with respect and dignity. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club will not tolerate harassing behaviour under any circumstances and will take disciplinary action against anyone who breaches the policy.

2. This policy applies to all employees, officers, volunteers, coaches, players, parents of players, officials, professional personnel and members of Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club.

3. This policy applies to behaviour occurring both within and outside the course of Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club’s business, activities and events, when the behaviour involves individuals associated with Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club and negatively affects relationships within the club’s sport and work environment.


4. The definition of harassment immediately following has been adopted by the Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club for the purpose of this policy. It includes and goes beyond what is prohibited by law and does not distinguish between the various types of harassment.

Harassment consists of offensive, abusive, belittling or threatening behaviour directed at a person or people, because of a particular characteristic of that person or people (including the person or people’s level of empowerment relative to the harasser). The behaviour must be unwelcome and the sort of behaviour a reasonable person would recognise as unwelcome.

5. Behaviour constituting harassment can take many different forms and may be explicit or implicit, physical, verbal or non-verbal. Examples include, but are not limited to:

• abusive behaviour aimed at intimidating someone in a less powerful position

• jokes or comments directed at a person’s body, looks, age, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability

• unwelcome remarks including teasing, name calling or insults

• innuendo, suggestive remarks or taunting

• homophobic comments and/or behaviours

• uninvited touching, kissing, embracing, massaging

• staring, leering, ogling

• smutty jokes and comments 

Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Forrest Park (Cnr Blair & Forrest Sts) P.O. Box 2430 Bunbury, W.A. 6231

BDJSC Date Issued: 12 September 2005 Page 2

• persistent or intrusive questions about people’s private lives

• repeated invitations to go out, especially after prior refusal

• sexual propositions

• the use of promises or threats to coerce someone into sexual activity

• the creation of a hostile or sexually permeated environment by constantinappropriate references to sexual matters, the display of sexually explicit material(posters, cartoons, graffiti) or by the use of offensive email, faxes, letters or notes

• sexual insults, taunts, name-calling

6. Jokes and behaviour which are genuinely enjoyed and consented to by everyone present are not harassment. Sexual interaction or flirtation that is based on mutual attraction or friendship, and which is consensual or invited, is not sexual harassment.


7. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club is responsible for taking all reasonable steps to prevent harassment and ensuring its position is widely known through all levels of the club’s activities.

8. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club will ensure that appropriate procedures are identified to handle harassment complaints.

9. All employees, members, officials and other persons associated with Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club are responsible for complying with this policy.


10. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club management and officers responsible for implementing this policy will keep confidential the names and details related to harassment complaints, unless disclosure is necessary as part of the disciplinary or corrective process.

Complaint Procedures

11. The most effective complaint procedures offer a range of options for dealing with harassment including informal and formal resolutions.

12. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club recognises that natural justice is the minimum standard of fairness to be applied in the investigation and adjudication of a dispute.

13. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Complaints Procedure shall be used for harassment claims.

Disciplinary Action

14. Disciplinary action will be taken by Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club against anyone who is found to be in breach of this policy. 

Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Forrest Park (Cnr Blair & Forrest Sts) P.O. Box 2430 Bunbury, W.A. 6231

BDJSC Date Issued: 12 September 2005 Page 3

15. Disciplinary action will also be taken against anyone who victimises or retaliates against a person who has complained of harassment.

16. The discipline will depend on the severity of the case and may involve an apology, counselling, suspension, dismissal or other form of action.

Right to Appeal

17. As per Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Complaints Procedure, both parties to a complaint have the right to appeal the decision and recommendation of a panel if a matter of procedure, bias, or fairness is called into question.

External Action

18. Both complainant and alleged harasser may pursue advice or action from an external authority at any stage of the complaint procedure.

Policy Review and Approval

19. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Committee approved this policy on 12th September 2005.

20. The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club President or delegated official will ensure a review of the policy is conducted periodically.