Healthy Club Policy


To outline the Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club commitment to the promotion of good health.


All members including officials, coaches, managers and players.


This policy recognises that the health of all those associated with Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club is a joint responsibility, including the support and cooperation of the parents of players. In fulfilling this responsibility, officials and members have a duty to provide and maintain, so far as practicable, an environment that is without risk to health.

Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club promotes itself as a family-friendly club. All members and officials are responsible for the implementation of this policy within their organisational area of responsibility.

In fulfilling the objectives of this policy, Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club is committed to regular consultation with members to ensure that the policy operates effectively, and that health issues are regularly reviewed. Young adult players, coaches and club members are expected to set appropriate examples and act as role models for junior club members.

The club will make information available to club members and families to promote healthy lifestyle.

Breaches of the policy will be addressed through the Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club committee.

Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club will review the Healthy Club Policy annually.


This policy covers a range of health issues. That is, smoking, sun protection, alcohol and other drugs, food and catering and sport safety.


The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club seeks to contribute to reducing tobacco consumption levels and recognizes that passive smoking is hazardous to health. Non-smokers should be

protected from involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke.

We will ensure a smoke-free environment by:

• Ensuring all areas of the club, including the change room, the bar and all club functions are smoke free.

• Not selling tobacco products on the premises.

• Prominently displaying no-smoking signage.


The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club will take all reasonable steps to address sun safe practices by:

• Following The Cancer Council Western Australia guidelines for SunSmart clothing and hats.

• Ensuring adequate shade is provided.

• Providing sunscreen for members and participants as required. When this is not possible these parties will be encouraged to bring their own.


The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club will promote the responsible adult use of alcohol by:

• Ensuring alcohol is not served to any person during club events and fixtures.

• Promoting lower pricing on low and non-alcoholic drinks and providing free unbottled water.

• Discouraging excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol eg. happy hours, drinking competitions.

• Safe transport options will be encouraged.

• The irresponsible use of alcohol will not be glamorised or promoted.


The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club discourages the use of medications in respect of injury/recovery that would enable a participant to compete where they would not otherwise have been able.

The use of illicit drugs and performance enhancing drugs is not permitted for Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club members and patrons.


The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club recognizes the importance of good nutrition for sport performance and general wellbeing by:

• Providing free unbottled water.

• Ensure that food safety and hygiene practices are adopted.

• Providing information on good nutrition and sport performance.


The Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club will encourage all members to adopt practices that promote safe participation in sport and physical activity:

• Environmental conditions will be considered when conducting training and competition sessions.

• Encouraging warm-up, stretching and cool-down as an important component of playing and training.

• Ensure correct fluid replacement practices are adopted by players.

• Providing safe playing surfaces and First Aid equipment.

• Promoting the use of mouthguards, suitable clothing and footwear.

• Encouraging all players with a prior or current injury to seek professional advice and be fully rehabilitated before returning to play.

• Ensure members, coaches and officiating personnel are given the opportunity to attend approved training and accreditation courses in sports injury prevention and treatment.

Anyone wishing to discuss this policy is invited to contact a member of the Bunbury Dynamos Junior Soccer Club Committee.

Dynamos Goal Keeping training

Player RequirementsGriffinLogo

  • Socks embroidered with the dynamos emblem are complementary with full payment of registration fees. (These will be handed out by your coach just prior to the first playing date). It will be mandatory in the 2017 season for all players to wear the club socks.
  • All players will be loaned a playing shirt for the 2017 season, these must be kept in pristine condition and returned to your coach at the completion of the season. Players who fail to return their shirt will be charged the replacement cost.
  • Players are to only wear their dynamos issued shirt to games, not to training.
  • All players must supply their own red shorts, boots and shin pads.